Lean Cultures Launches New Services

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

It's been a long time coming - almost 9 months since I decided to work on my "Big Idea" to help organizations transition more into a culture of true continuous improvement.

Organizations who follow Lean Six Sigma problem solving philosophies and practices generally can more readily meet the ever increasing demands coming from their clients / customers. Organizations who do not follow the same usually have three reasons. #1) They think they're doing just fine - so there's "No Need." #2) Our organization is running thin because we have very busy personnel - that's the "I can't afford to take the time." and by far not the last reason #3) They believe they don't have enough money to pay for someone to come in and help them get started - that's the no money reason.

My solution is to leverage current technology in web meetings, webinars, and online training hosted by a "live" instructor. The organizations I used to work for sold my services for $200 an hour or more. My becoming a "Virtual Black Belt," with 20+ years of Lean Six Sigma problem solving is now available on line as low as $30 an hour. This solves #2 and #3 reasons. Our sessions online are planned to be less than 30 minutes each, held every other week (eliminates "No Time" as that is only about .5% of someone's monthly time). I find it hard to believe that everyone can't afford that little time. #3 is solved as the Virtual Black Belt's rate is as low as $60 a month if meeting every other week. I suspect more is lost on idle chit-chat every organizational hour!

The #1 excuse "we don't need it" I can't do much about unless my words reach the right ears of leadership. I have a process that I do with senior leadership that in 2 hours we identify, assess $ lost, and prioritize places of waste in their organization that usually identifies the equivalent of 2% of sales! They can't afford not to continually eliminate those wastes.

My goal with Lean Cultures and my Virtual Blackbelt services are to enable any organization that wants to become world class to attain that level of performance - no excuses!

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