Virtual Black Belt


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Services to assist your organization's improvement efforts.  Eliminate waste and improve the "bottom line" at a fraction of the cost of having a "belt" on staff or on-site.  Services are provided through 1-on-1 or 1-on-group, webinars, and access to online videos.   Click here for two free conversations with a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Training & Coaching

There's an old saying, "There is only one thing worse than training an employee and they leave.  That's not training an employee and they stay."

The following web-based training can be taken from any location:

  • Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving

  • Toyota Kata

  • Six Sigma White & Yellow Belt Preparation for ASQ Cert. exams

Team Leader or Team Member

The Virtual Black Belt can start and lead new process improvement efforts or just be a value-added team member.  We can be responsible for setting up, guiding, and graphing data collection efforts.

We'll help the team members prepare Leadership report outs including assisting in video taping and editing report outs to post on your website.

Coaching Leaders & Front Line In:

  • Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

  • Build Team Leaders

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Supervisor skills training

  • Coaching Supervisors and Mangers how to Coach for Accountability.

  • Senior Leadership Coaching on organizational issues.

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